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It’s going on right now. The question to ask yourself is: Are you ready for it?

It’s a changing of the guard and it will play a major role in digital advertising…

This was the main focus of Ryan Deiss‘ opening keynote at Day 1 of Content & Commerce Summit 2017.

Read on to learn…

  • How to prepare for this changing of the guard and other words of wisdom from Ryan’s opening keynote
  • What’s working now in digital commerce and publishing
  • The highlights, insights, and strategies from Content & Commerce Summit 2017 Days 1 & 2

You’re about to get the best of Content & Commerce Summit (besides being there, of course ? )!

Content & Commerce Summit Day 1:

Putting It All Together (Behind the Scenes of Content & Commerce Summit 2017)

It takes a lot of time.

We no sooner wrapped up last year’s Content & Commerce Summit then we started planning for 2017!

In the weeks leading up to the Summit, we packed up an 18-wheeler with everything we’d need, from couches to AV equipment.

Loading up the truck to send all the Content & Commerce Summit equipment to L.A.

And when it arrived in L.A. from Austin, Texas, we got to work putting tables together and prepping event bags for attendees and speakers…

Setting up tables for Content & Commerce Summit 2017

Prepping Content & Commerce Summit event bags

…getting sponsor booths set up…

Setting up sponsor booths at Content & Commerce Summit 2017

Setting up sponsor booths at Content & Commerce Summit 2017

…ensuring everything was in its proper place and that the ballrooms were ready for our attendees and speakers…

Riding the escalators and getting the DigtialMarketer gears to their homes as we set up Content & Commerce Summit 2017

Setting up the ballrooms at Content & Commerce Summit 2017

…so it ultimately looks like this on opening day…

The stage in the DigitalMarketer ballroom at Content & Commerce Summit 2017

During setup, with the Emmy Awards going on next door, we kept our eyes peeled for our favorite TV stars (we’re big Game of Thrones fans at the office). Here’s our Justin Rondeau posing with the Emmy statue…

Justin Rondeau posing with the Emmy Statue at Content & Commerce Summit 2017

With the day before the Summit wrapping up, we threw a Welcome Reception for Content & Commerce Summit attendees. The mixer, presented by Quality Score, was complete with a taco bar and Connect Four!

Connect 4 at the Welcome Reception for Content & Commerce Summit 2017

Taco bar at the Content & Commerce 2017 Welcome Reception

I’m So Excited!

Attendees just can’t hide it. There’s an undeniable energy in the air, and that anticipation and excitement is contagious.

Tweet from C&C attendee

Instagram update from C&C attendee

C&C app update from C&C attendee

You can see it as people run into old friends and connect with new ones. As they go through registration and are handed their name badge and Content & Commerce Summit event bag. People are pumped!

We checked in with Content & Commerce Summit attendees before Ryan’s keynote. Here’s what they were looking forward to most…

Exclusive Interview with Ryan Deiss

Before DigtialMarketer’s Co-Founder and CEO, Ryan Deiss, delivered his opening keynote presentation, Christine Haas, DigitalMarketer’s Director of Communications, exclusively interviewed him backstage.

Watch the video below to get a look behind the curtain and to learn Ryan’s thoughts just before he kicks off Content & Commerce Summit and unpacks what’s working now in digital commerce and publishing:

The Challenge on the Horizon

When you expect changes in your business, you’re able to see challenges on the horizon.

And as the opening Content & Commerce Summit video reminded the audience, the challenge on the horizon is here. With Amazon buying Whole Foods and other big box stores, like Sears, on shaky ground, the digital landscape is changing… fast!

That’s why you’re here. So you can learn what changes and challenges are coming.

Watch the full opening video here:

Are You Ready for the Changing of the Guard?

This changing of the guard is creating a rare window of opportunity that we’re unlikely to see again in our lifetime.

That’s what Ryan told attendees during his opening keynote.

And this changing of the guard is being driven by Amazon.

While this change is terrifying, it’s going to be okay, Ryan assured the audience. You have a reason to exist.

What you learn during Ryan’s keynote and Content & Commerce Summit as a whole will help you deal with this change.

It’s important to remember that Amazon is not the enemy.

"Amazon is not the enemy." Ryan Deiss during his opening keynote at Content & Commerce Summit 2017.

But they are the standard. Amazon is setting the bar that everyone must meet.

How can you compete and win in the “Age of Amazon”?

Love your customer. While that may sound like a load of fluff, stay with me here.

Make no mistake, Amazon is focusing on their customer. It’s part of their business model…

"The most important single thing is to focus obsessively on the customer. Our goal is to be earth's most customer-centric company." ~Jeff Bezos, CEO & President of Amazon

And they’re doing that by making it easy for the customer. Amazon wants to make it as easy as possible for the customer to buy and then to return to buy again.

But Ryan argued that making it “easy” for the customer isn’t customer-centric.

So, how do you love your customer more than Amazon?

Talk to your customer directly using content and commerce. Content and commerce is the tactic you will use to show your customers that you care about them more than Amazon does.

We’ve identified that there are three stages to this content and commerce journey.

Three stages of content and commerce: 1. Content-Driven Commerce 2. Curated Commerce 3. Community-Driven Commerce

Each stage builds upon the rest. Each stage deepens the relationship with your customer.

What are some other key takeaways from Ryan’s keynote? Well…

  • “In the future, the words ‘brand’ and ‘community’ will be interchangeable. And no one will be able to claim they have a brand unless they have a community to go with it.”

“In the future, the words 'brand' and 'community' will be interchangeable. And no one will be able to claim they have a brand unless they have a community to go with it.” ~Ryan Deiss

  • “If you can tell a person a story, you can capture their attention. If you can help them tell a new story about themselves, you’ll capture their hearts.”

"If you can tell a person a story, you can capture their attention. If you can help them tell a new story about themselves, you'll capture their hearts." ~Ryan Deiss

  • Tell your customers where you stand, even if you think they may not like you for it. Like clothing store Chubbies does here…

What clothing store Chubbies believes

There were so many great takeaways from Ryan’s keynote. We just had to share it with you! You can watch Ryan’s entire keynote here:

What else happened on Day 1 of #CCS2017? Let’s see…

Welcome to the Mobile Movement

There’s no denying the importance of email. But, when it comes to reaching your customers, email is also super crowded and competitive.

It doesn’t matter how good your subject line is when your message isn’t even being seen, Oli Billson told the audience. The Founder and CEO of Oliver Billson Marketing went on to say…

Most people figure out how they will generate new leads instead of worrying about how they will sell. The result? Half built bridges. ~Oliver Billson Content & Commerce 2017 Presentation Slide

So, how do we open up channels of communication we’re going to need in a sales process to complete these bridges?

In his presentation, Proven “Dynamic Response” Mobile Marketing Campaigns to Accelerate Sales, Generate More Leads, and Increase Engagement, Oli told the audience to turn to the device in their pockets and purses.

The new opportunity: Connect with the device in your prospects' pockets. ~Oliver Billson Content & Commerce 2017 Presentation Slide

Mobile devices offer marketers a huge opportunity to reach their customers and generate sales because people find text messages less intimidating.

To fully leverage the power of the mobile marketing to accelerate your sales process, there are three “recipes” you need to employ. They are…

Goal 1: Get their phone number. Goal 2: Get into their phone. Goal 3: Start the conversation. ~Oliver Billson Content & Commerce 2017 Presentation Slide

As Oli went on to say…

People don't want to wait for their information. Skip the email — just text them. ~Oli Billson

Interview with Hint Water’s Founder & CEO, Kara Goldin

A very senior exec at one of the largest soda companies in the world told her that her idea wouldn’t work. She was told that they would be roadkill within months.

But that didn’t stop Kara Goldin, Founder and CEO of Hint Water®, who went on to launch the award-winning brand in 2005.

Flavored only with natural fruit, Hint® produces the leading flavored water with no sweeteners and nothing artificial. And the company is thriving.

Before taking the Content & Commerce Summit stage, Kara tweeted…

Kara tweets her excitement before her keynote at Content & Commerce Summit 2017

The feeling is mutual! ?

Kara sat down with Roland Frasier to give the insights and strategies that helped her launch Hint®.

Roland Frasier (left) and Kara Goldin (right) sit down at Content & Commerce Summit 2017 to talk about the founding of Hint.

Sweetie, Americans love sweets. Your product will never be anything,” that was one take on Hint® when Kara began pitching it. But Kara didn’t hear any of the criticism.

She told the audience:

Tweet on Kara Goldin's presentation at Content & Commerce Summit 2017: "Look at naysayers as gifts of information."

Because it boils down to finding if you’re doing something and seeing if you’re getting traction with your consumers and solving their problems.

Kara went on to say to figure out your fears and challenge them…

"Don't be afraid to build a plane while you're flying it." ~Kara Goldin

When building her flavored water brand and wellness company, she said the three most important relationships were with…

  • The Customer: It’s important to remember you’re not only selling stuff but also solving the problem for your consumers. Kara said it’s important to have a dialogue — really hear what customers are saying about how your brand impacts their lives. The dialogue with the customer and ability to actually hear from them gets deeper as you build the relationship.
  • Her team: Those at Hint® don’t just agree with the brand’s beliefs — they live them. At Hint®, they don’t have people running around drinking Red Bull. Their team is filled with people who really want to be healthier and not just from a weight or health perspective.
  • Her husband: He helped co-found Hint® by trusting Kara’s vision and process and has been a cheerleader since her lightbulb moment sparked.

3 Steps to Consistent Facebook Ad ROI

They know Facebook ads.

The Dominate Web Media duo, Keith Krance and Ralph Burns, took to the stage to share how to use Facebook video ads to pre-frame viewers for the sale, no matter your industry.

And it only takes a few steps.

In The 3-Step Formula to 10X Your Facebook Ad Spend with Consistent ROI, Keith and Ralph said Step 1 is to stop the scroll.

Stop the person from scrolling through their Facebook feed and pay attention to your message. To do this, at the very beginning of your Facebook video ad, do one or a combination of the following:

  • Use motion
  • Literally say, “Stop,” in your opening line
  • Include text overlay
  • Have creative content that’s unique

Step 2 is called EDIE (educate, demonstrate, inform, entertain). During your video, make sure you…

  • Educate your audience
  • Demonstrate something to your audience
  • Inform your audience
  • Entertain your audience

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Include at least one EDIE tactic, or more if that makes sense, in each of your Facebook ad videos. This is a simple way to get your product message across in your video without sounding all “weird and salesy.”

“When you make content like this,” Dominate Web Media’s Founder, Keith, said about EDIE, “you’re getting to the heart of your customer. They think they are making a logical decision, but they are really justifying an emotional one.”

Keith Krance giving his presentation at Content & Commerce Summit 2017

Step 3 is the call-to-action (CTA). Many marketers may wait till the end of their video to make their CTA. But if you want to compel people to make a purchase, consider including your CTA earlier.

Without being pitchy, include your CTA where it makes sense earlier in your video AND within the copy of your Facebook ad.

Ralph, Dominate Web Media’s Agency CEO, told the audience, “Even if they’ve only watched five minutes of a ten-minute video, give them an opportunity to buy. Make sure to include the CTA link in your post copy.”

Ralph Burns giving his presentation at Content & Commerce Summit 2017

How to Get Access to Millions of Ecommerce Testing at No Charge

DigitalMarketer’s Director of Marketing, Justin Rondeau reminded his audience that successful websites and online businesses need to do one thing and one thing only: Meet the visitor’s expectations.

What’s the easiest way to meet a visitor’s expectations? Take the most used trends by the world’s largest online retailers and apply them to your business!

In his 11 Conversion Lessons the World’s Largest Online Retailers Spent Millions to Learn, Justin shared his biggest takeaways from analyzing online retail giants.

For instance, users hate being forced to create an account at checkout. Making someone create an account to place their order is a surefire way to raise your cart abandonment.

Multi-million dollar ecommerce stores, in most cases, give shoppers the ability to check out as a guest or “Express Checkout.”

Here’s how is handling the account creation process:

REI letting customers create an account or checkout as a guest

Crate & Barrel knows it too…

Crate & Barrel letting new customers checkout as a guest and returning customers use Express Checkout

 In the words of Justin Rondeau, “Always include guest checkout. Seriously.”

Then, if you offer free shipping (or provide it after a purchase reaches a certain value), advertise that fact early and often — from your home page to the checkout page. Free shipping is still king for ecommerce stores.

And when it comes to payment options, which there are a ton of, providing every payment option out there is actually counter-productive.

If you sell internationally, you should be using geo-targeting to make sure you are showing payment options that are best for that region. To visitors who would be MOST LIKELY to use it.

For example, Dutch visitors use the payment option IDEAL more than US visitors. While a US visitor could use IDEAL, it is more likely that they won’t.

So, before you list every payment option under the sun, look at the regions you do business in most. Then evaluate whether you are meeting their preferred needs with your current options.

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Are You Alienating Your Audience?

Many current consumer engagement strategies are intrusive — from ads on autoplay to ones that are impossible to close — many marketers are guilty of pushing their audience to the brink.

During his presentation, Craig Kapilow quoted a Kate Harrison article from Forbes:

“Today’s consumers don’t want brands aggressively pushing their way into social media feeds, wheter on Facebook, through promoted Pins or Tweets, or paid-for Snapchat stories.”

The Senior Director of Integrated Marketing at Rue La La said it’s time to adapt. The ad industry and modern consumer engagement tactics need to evolve.

After all, on many platforms, there’s not much standing between the consumer and an ad-free experience…

From Hulu to YouTube, consumers can pay a small fee to be ad-free. ~Craig Kapilow Content & Commerce 2017 Presentation Slide

So, what do you do?

You have to engage with your consumers differently… or you risk alienating them.

In Content, Commerce, & Customer Acquisition: A New Path for Accelerating Subscription-Based Business, Craig offered these tips to improve your consumer engagement:

  • Leverage user-generated content (« especially on your website)
  • Video, video, and… more video
  • Be timely with your content
  • Have fun with your brand (« humor is a blessed thing)
  • Be relevant and personalize your content

How to Build Rapport with Your Audience

No matter your business or industry, we all have one thing in common (well, probably more than one, but definitely this one!)…

  1. We all want to connect with people and brands who are actually interested in our product/service

To connect with these people and brands, we need to build rapport. But, like most things in life, building rapport takes time. And where do you even start?

Start by following these nine steps from Joe Polish, Founder and President of Genius Network®.

Joe Polish during his Content & Commerce Summit 2017 presentation

During The 9-Step Magic Rapport Formula that Connects Your Brand with the People and Companies that Matter, Joe told the audience to follow these nine steps to connect your brand with your market:

  1. When you meet people, focus on how you can help them
  2. Be willing to invest time, money, and energy on relationships
  3. Be the person people will always answer the phone for
  4. Be grateful and valuable
  5. Treat people like you want to be treated
  6. Be fun and memorable… not boring and uptight
  7. Appreciate people… everyone wants to feel significant
  8. Give value on the spot
  9. Keep as close to “in person” as you can when dealing with people

1 = 3

Richard Lindner brought it during his presentation!

In Turning 1 Customer into 3: Strategies to Turn Happy Customers into Brand Evangelists and Promoters, the Co-Founder and President of DigitalMarketer spoke about how to leverage…

  • Email
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Social media
  • Your existing customer base

…to multiply your business.

Richard Lindner during his presentation at Content & Commerce Summit 2017

What were some of his biggest takeaways?

For starters, keep in mind that you will instantly lose ten customers if you ask a disgruntled one to review you. However, if you ask one happy customer to review you, you’ll gain three!

No matter what you sell, there are a couple of points where any customer is most excited about what they just purchased or what’s about to happen.

So, make that as part of your strategy.

Encourage and enable a trigger with a series of positive rewards, slowly pushing them down the path of a customer to a promoter.

Finding Your Extra Gear

The final presentation of the night came from serial entrepreneur and endurance athlete Jesse Itzler.

Jesse Itzler during his keynote at Content & Commerce Summit 2017

He said we all have an extra gear, yet so many of us don’t know it. During his keynote, he spoke about finding his extra gear and how to tap into a reserve tank we all have, but so few of us know how to access.

He quickly had the audience enraptured.

The attentive audience during Jesse Itzler's keynote at Content & Commerce Summit 2017

Jesse talked about finding purpose…

  • “When you can find a thing you love that brings good to the world, that’s how you know what to do.” 

He spoke about experience…

  • “Experience is over-rated. It takes too long.”
  • “For me, not having experience guaranteed that everything I did would have a different result because I was forced to do it differently!”

He told us to get over ourselves…

  • “The limitations we put on ourselves are self-imposed.”
  • “Once you get over the fear of being embarrassed, it’s the most liberating thing.” 

Jesse Itzler during his keynote at Content & Commerce Summit 2017

He revealed how to push past our wall…

  • “When your brain says you’re done, you still have 40% left. The first time we experience pain, our body says, ‘stop.’ When we ignore the discomfort and tap into our reserve bank, that’s where the gold is.”

Finally, he closed by saying, “You didn’t come this far to only come this far.”


C&C Reception Presented by Maropost

Day 1 culminated in a networking party on the pool deck of the JW Marriot L.A. LIVE.

There was a live band…

Live band at the Maropost Reception at Content & Commerce Summit 2017

….a caricature artist…

Bryan Eisenberg's caricature from the Maropost Reception at Content & Commerce Summit 2017

…tasty treats — from lobster mac n cheese to mini s’mores — and drink specials…

Drink specials at Maropost Reception at Content & Commerce Summit 2017

…and people had a blast with the photo booth…

Guests posing at the photo booth at the Maropost Reception at Content & Commerce Summit 2017

Guests posing at the photo booth at the Maropost Reception at Content & Commerce Summit 2017

Of course, none of this would be possible without DeAnna Rogers and her amazing events team planning every detail of Content & Commerce Summit!

DeAnna Rogers posing with the Maropost ice sculpture at the Maropost Reception at Content & Commerce Summit 2017

Content & Commerce Summit Day 2:

Everyone’s Here for the Same Reason

Day 2 kicked off with an opening video that reminded the audience that we’re all here for the same reason — to grow our business.

But no matter how great our product or service is, without traffic, we won’t get a conversion. Which is why Day 2 of the Summit focused on traffic and conversion strategies that will get us more sales and grow our business.

Watch the two-minute opener here:

With four sessions devoted to Amazon, the electronic commerce powerhouse was a main theme of the day. Roland Frasier kicked off the Amazon focus with Day 2’s opening keynote…

10X Your Sales by Year’s End

Roland Frasier, Principal Partner at DigitalMarketer, explained how to build winning marketing campaigns that generate leads and sales. And then how to scale those campaigns with paid traffic.

He used Amazon as an example throughout his presentation of The Bezos Blitz: How To Use Amazon, Mixed Reality, Auto-bots, & 7 Other Tools, Tactics, & Strategies To 10X Your Sales By The End Of This Year.

Roland Frasier using Amazon as an example during his 2017 keynote at Content & Commerce Summit

Roland Frasier using Amazon as an example during his 2017 keynote at Content & Commerce Summit

And people couldn’t get enough of it.

Tweet praising Roland's presentation during Content & Commerce Summit 2017

One of his biggest takeaways?

"The product people want to buy from you the most is something they have already bought from you before." ~Roland Frasier

  • “The product people want to buy from you the most is something they have already bought from you before.”

If they bought from you once, chances are, they’ll buy from you again! So, think about how you can sell your product again to people who have already bought from you.

He also went on to say to use FOMO (fear of missing out) or a similar tool to give visitors social proof. Do this and watch your sales soar!

The Principles and Practices of the World’s Most Dominant Companies

In the next keynote, legendary marketer, Bryan Eisenberg, revealed and demystified the principles and practices of world’s most dominant companies.

One of the dominant companies the Co-Founder of Buyer Legends focused on? You guessed it. Amazon.

Bryan Eisenberg during his keynote at Content & Commerce Summit 2017

In The 4 Pillars of Amazon’s Success, Bryan talked about making Amazon’s four pillars work for you.

The four pillars of Amazon include:

  1. Customer Centricity
  2. Culture of Innovation
  3. Corporate Agility
  4. Continuous Optimization

One of the ways to make Amazon’s pillars work for you is to look at your actions. Afterall, your actions express your priorities.

Quoting Simon Sinek, Bryan said: “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe.”

"People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe." ~Simon Sinek

Looking at your company’s actions will create customer loyalty because customers will stay loyal to a brand that they believe shares their values.

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Conversion Funnels That Work

Let’s talk funnels in a panel with Perry Belcher and Amanda Dobson of Native Commerce, Mitchell Savage of Battle Bridge Labs, and Walter Burch of Envoy Media.

The group would share three aha moments that led to a $3 million monthly lift:

  • The first aha is that multi-step forms are powerful and can help you ask the right question.
  • Next is the never-ending story (the form that never ends). It qualifies and educates your customers.
  • The final aha is that it’s a conversation! Your funnel is a conversation. So tweak your order form to make it more like a conversation between you and your customer.

Here are some other words of wisdom on funnels from the panel:

  • There is no rulebook. To understand why your funnels are working, you have to learn the rules over and over again.
  • Send unconverted leads to an authority, like Amazon, to help generate a conversion.
  • Perspective is everything. If you’re looking for just another tactic, then what you’re learning today won’t have anything to do with your success until years from now.
  • If you have something that works, high five! Get excited. But come back down and ask why it works.

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Using Facebook Groups to Increase Conversions, Reduce Churn, and Change People’s Lives

For businesses, how important is creating a community? In one word:


At DigitalMarketer, through our research and our own personal experience, we’ve found that a successful community can improve the bottom line by…

  • Increasing conversions
  • Increasing ascension
  • Reducing customer churn

Not only that, a community has the chance to positively change people’s lives…
A community member of DigitalMarketer Engage posting about the value he gets from being a member of the community

But how do you get your community to this level? That was the focus of Suzi Nelson‘s How to Drive Leads, Sales, and Loyalty Using Facebook Groups presentation.

The Community Manager of DigitalMarketer offered several tips on building a successful community that impacts the bottom line and helps your customer.

For starters, know where your community fits within the Customer Value Journey.

This is the Customer Value Journey…

DigitalMarketer's Customer Value Journey

…and, more than likely, your community fits within the Awareness and Engagement stages or the Advocate and Promote stages.

Next, it’s important to remember that your community isn’t a place to pitch because a community isn’t about you. It’s about your members and their relationship with each other. Your brand helps to facilitate this.

If you keep that in mind and do this right, you’ll build trust and loyalty with your community members. Not only do community members want to build trust with each other, they also want to build trust with your brand.

That’s where the magic happens because…

"Anything your community members have to say about your business is way more powerful than anything you have to say about it." ~Suzi Nelson

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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The holiday season is upon us. Are you ready?

It’s time to do more than just stand out during the oversaturated holiday season a panel, with Richard Lindner of DigitalMarketer, Ezra Firestone of Smart Marketer, Tracey Wallace of BigCommerce, and moderated by Molly Pittman of DigitalMarketer, told the audience.

The panel poses for a quick picture before they take the stage. Left to right: Molly Pittman, Tracey Wallace, Ezra Firestone, and Richard Lindner.

The panel poses for a quick picture before they take the stage. Left to right: Molly Pittman, Tracey Wallace, Ezra Firestone, and Richard Lindner.

So they shared fool-proof campaigns to crush Q4 and start 2018 on a high before your competition has even picked out their first pumpkin.

For a holiday campaign to succeed, Tracey advised that campaign content produced in October needs to be…

  1. Inspirational
  2. Seasonal
  3. Enlightening

Ezra would share a holiday campaign he calls “The Two-Step Dandy,” which is all about theming it up! Theme your ads, sales pages, and emails with the same branding.

The panel on stage at Content & Commerce Summit 2017. Left to right: Molly Pittman, Tracey Wallace, Ezra Firestone, and Richard Lindner.

The panel on stage at Content & Commerce Summit 2017. Left to right: Molly Pittman, Tracey Wallace, Ezra Firestone, and Richard Lindner.

Other highlights included…

  • “If you’re running a holiday campaign, you MUST retarget the people who come to the sales page and don’t buy.” ~Ezra Firestone
  • “Don’t consider it a done deal once someone has bought once,” said Ezra. Consider giving a bigger discount to previous buyers.
  • “If you’re not a personality brand, use this time to humanize your brand with your buyers and actually entertain them.” ~Richard Lindner

Where to Focus Your Content Marketing Efforts

Are you confused by what content is?

According to Russ Henneberry, Director of Editorial at DigitalMarketer, content is the “brick” that makes up the internet.

Content is everywhere. From a blog post to a YouTube video to a Facebook post to a sales page. That’s content.

Most content marketers would agree that good content marketing educates, entertains, or inspires.

But what if you want to make your content great and actually turn a profit?

You need to think about your content differently then.

In The 4-Point Content Marketing Audit, Russ explained that great content marketers think of these “bricks” as assets for the company.

Content marketing is the act of producing content that increases leads, sales, and loyalty.

To create great content that drives a return on investment (ROI), start by making content that drives awareness and gets your audience to engage with you…

Content types that drive awareness and create engagement: blog posts, YouTube videos, podcasts, images

Then, you need to make content that generates leads…

Content types that generate leads: webinars, newsletters, templates, cheat sheets, swipe files, free reports, white papers, guides

Next, move on to content that creates excitement and sells regularly…

Content types that create excitement and sell more and more: onboarding resources, support documents, webinars, customer stories, product demos

Finally, produce content that gets your brand advocates to share your content…

Content types that produce advocates and promoters that drive referrals: blog posts, YouTube videos, podcasts, images, social media updates

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That’s all folks! Be sure to check back tomorrow for highlights and insights from the final day of Content & Commerce Summit 2017.

And if you’re a Content & Commerce Summit attendee, use your programs to track those aha moments and set goals to implement what you’ve learned. ?

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